FirstpostOnce upon a time, in a city called InstaMumbai, there lived a lawyer named Anuradha Verma. Her defining characteristic appears to be dressing as uncomfortably as possible -- high heels, boots, tight black pants, bulky jackets in a tropical, equatorial ...--

Singh Is Bling Review - Where's The Bling, Bliing, Mr.Singh?? ...
indiaglitz, "All that glitters is not gold"... This adage will no doubt be apt for this latest comedy caper; (or mad caper) of Prabhudeva, 'Singh Is Bliing'. The trailer looks all glossy, colourful, funny; laden with heavy dose of Punjabi Tadka. But once the audience takes a small bite of this, from the big screen, they can do nothing but only wonder what just hit them.....

Pricey realty: Cost of buying home in Mumbai may go up as govt ...
FirstpostThe state cabinet has decided to increase the stamp duty on property transactions by 1 percentage point in a bid to increase the government's tax revenue and fund infrastructure projects for Mumbai, according to a report in today.


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Sorkin's 'Steve Jobs' Is a Tart Apple
PC MagazineWatching Steve Jobs, the new movie about the controversial but influential co-founder of Apple, you can't help but be awed at seeing just how far one man will go to impose himself on history. At each and every crucial point during its two-hour running ...--